Lufthansa: “Alitalia Needs to be Restructured”

Alitalia “must be restructured in terms of size, costs, destinations”.

This is confirmed by Lufthansa’s financial director Ulrik Svensson, underlining that it will be up to Italy to carry out this restructuring. “We can not think of ourselves as shareholders, we are not interested in the current conditions,” the manager added, explaining that “an alternative” could be “climbing the Air Dolomiti“.

“Italy  concluded Svensson  is a very important market for us, the second most important after the US“, but Lufthansa, as the company had already pointed out a few days ago by presenting a “conditioned” offer to restructuring is not affected to take charge of a company. That should therefore be restored upstream.

Decree approved by the Cdm An indirect response to Svensson came from the Minister of Economic Development, Carlo Calenda, who in the morning had anticipated that for the former national carrier there would be an extension of the time of sale and for the repayment of the loan bridge. Decree then effectively approved by the Council of Ministers, as confirmed by Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

Calenda: “Terms for sale moved to the end of October. The decree is very simple, we move the terms for sale at the end of October and we move to 15 December the deadline for the repayment of the loan“, explained Calenda. “Now a tighter negotiation phase is needed, this presupposes that there is a government that sets out its orientation”.