Google Wants to Use Windows on Their Pixelbooks

Pixelbook computers are excellent in hardware issues but, when using Chrome OS, these computers are not very popular with users due to their dependence on Web applications: although they are able to use Android applications (and Linux in the future), the lack of Compatibility with Windows programs turns out to be extremely problematic.

However, it seems that this will change very soon, since reports mention that Google wants to add Windows compatibility in its hardware. At the beginning of the year, changes made to the firmware of the Pixelbooks indicated that Google was working in a mode called AltOS, which would allow users to switch between Chrome OS and “Alternative Operating Systems” through a dual-boot option.

Recent changes suggest that the WHCK is a series of tools used in Windows 8.1, while the HLK corresponds to Windows 10.

Fixing these problems opens up the possibility for Google to certify its hardware to Microsoft, allowing its Pixelbooks to use Windows operating systems: Yes, Google would also have to make sure to implement additional drivers and compatible tools to ensure its possibilities.