Malfunctions Shut Down Amazon’s and Spotify’s Internet Service this Week

Amazon‘s AWS in the eastern U.S. was shut down for most of Wednesday; the glitch shut down sites like Flickr and Adobe Spark, which rely on service servers; Spotify was shut down last night for an hour.

Amazon announced on Thursday that “we have returned all traffic through all endpoints and it is now operating as usual”. The glitch affected only one of AWS’s 24 counties – the U.S.-East-1 region in the eastern United States – but it stopped many popular Internet services that relied on service servers, such as Roku, Flickr, and Adobe Spark. Amazon said it recognized The root of the problem was Wednesday night, and that full and immediate action was taken to prevent its recurrence.

The Down Detector website reported that more than 100 users have experienced problems with the service, which is a key aspect of Amazon’s business.

AWS has enjoyed an increase in demand during the epidemic, in light of the move to work from home and virtual encounters. David Brown, vice president of AWS Elastic Compute Cloud, said in May that the company avoided malfunctions during the Corona plague as it began adjusting its supply chain as early as January in response to the emerging health crisis. “We work very hard behind the scenes to create the illusion of infinite power,” Brown said at the time.

In a similar incident that happened yesterday, the Spotify website stopped working, after an extensive communication problem affected users in several countries in Europe and elsewhere.

The music service stopped working for many users around 4:15 a.m. US time, but Spotify fixed the glitch after about an hour.
Interruptions in Spotify operations are a rarity, and the most recent occurred in August after the company forgot to renew its TLS (Traffic Security) license. The service did not operate even then for about an hour. The current fault is not due to the same reason. Spotify also experienced issues earlier this year, during an extensive glitch that occurred due to a bug in Facebook’s iOS SDK system, and its app failed on mobile devices. The latest glitch is probably not related to Facebook and it occurred among both mobile and landline users.

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