McLaren Hit New Sales Last Year


In 2018, McLaren was a year of great harvest. Its sales growth was not only 43.9%, but it was quite successful in the US and China. It seems that Ferrari, the leader of super-running sales, should start worrying for a long time!

McLaren sold 4,806 vehicles worldwide last year, compared with 3,340 vehicles in 2017, the total market growth rate reached 43.9%, not only wrote down the sales record, but also set the brand’s ninth consecutive sales growth performance since 2010, and Among them, the United States is the largest single market, contributing one-third of market sales.


On the other hand, the performance of the European market is also quite eye-catching, up 44.2% from the previous year, but the biggest improvement is still in the Chinese market, reaching 122.5%. The reason is that except for the best-selling 570S Spider and 720S, which account for 7% of the total brand sales, McLaren and the MSO department’s limited-edition customized works for the local market have invisibly enhanced brand visibility and contributed to market sales.

However, McLaren’s ambition is not only this, but the previously announced “Track25” 2025 brand plan, that is, the preview brand will launch 18 new cars by 2025, and the annual production target is set at 6,000, if it is 2018 The factory will launch Speedtail, 720S Spider, 600LT Coupe, Senna and other works, it seems that the product offensive will continue!