What can the Metaverse do for You

By Randi Zuckerberg

The Metaverse is exciting, but only if many people think there’s a business opportunity. So you may be trying to figure out: what can the Metaverse do for you today?

Here are the four categories that make the most significant economic opportunities in the short term and go back to what motivates people as the biggest factors.

✔️ Identity and self-expression. We have seen time and again that people will spend money to show who they are to express themselves, convey to other people what they care about, what matters to them, and what they stand for.

These can be from filters over photos, NFT profile pics to showcase our love for philanthropy, music, or fashion. Anything that allows us to have a sense of identity and express ourselves in a digital form will be significant in the metaverse. Think of these as great business opportunities if you start in any of those fields.

✔️ Collectibles. In real life, we love to collect things. I collect playbills from different theatrical shows that I’ve seen. I’m sure you have a collection that you love. So think about that because we will want to collect things in a virtual digital world. If you’re in an industry that people love to collect, that’s a great place to play in the Metaverse.

✔️ Experiences and fun. Gaming, sporting events, music, conferences — any activity that makes life fun and enriching that can be shared virtually by people halfway across the globe are the very reasons why we are heading to the metaverse, given what’s going on in the real world.

✔️ Community. One of the biggest things I see in Web3 that drives people’s actions is the need to belong. If you’re able to help create a community around people with a shared interest, shared ownership, anything that people share that you can form a community around is significant in real life and essential in our virtual lives.

Businesses that fill these four needs will do exceptionally well in the first iteration of the Metaverse.



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