Mexico ‘ Retains the Crown’ as the First US Trade Partner in the First Half

In the first half of 2021, Mexico was crowned as the first commercial partner of the United States by surpassing Canada and China, since from January to June a total between imports and exports was generated for 319 thousand 969 million dollars, and a surplus historic of 52 thousand 019 million dollars, according to figures from the US Census Bureau.

In the first six months of the year, Mexico’s total exports to the United States totaled 186,440 million dollars, while imports from the neighboring country to the north to Mexican territory, presented a total of 133,529 million dollars, which represented 14.7 percent of the total commerce of the United States. In this sense, the Undersecretary of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Economy (SE), Luz Maria de la Mora, highlighted that trade between the two nations grew 32.2 percent in relation to the same period of 2020, and affirmed that Mexico is in full swing Economic recovery. “Excellent news!

During the first half of 2021, Mexico remained the first trade partner of the US; our total trade grew 32.2 percent compared to the same period of 2020. These data confirm that we are on the road to economic recovery “he wrote on his Twitter account. During 2020, Mexico had managed to position itself as the number one partner of the United States in terms of merchandise exchange on three occasions, this in the first three months of last year; However, China had managed to surpass the Mexican territory in the remaining months, thus recovering in 2021. The North American census detailed that for the six months of 2021, Canada again surpassed China and obtained the second place as a commercial partner of the United States, by exchange a total of 316 thousand 731 million dollars, that is, 14.6 percent of the United States’ trade. We recommend …

China, the world’s leading exporter; covid-19 keeps Mexico in 11th place: WTO 98% of royal companies would use customs Colombia:  In this sense, Canada exported a total of 168 thousand 236 million dollars to the United States, while US imports from the An Asian country, they were for 148 thousand 495 million dollars for January and February 2021. In third place was China, which generated a total commercial exchange for 300 thousand 722 million dollars; 229 thousand 635 million dollars in exports to the United States, and 71 thousand 087 million dollars of imports, that is, 13.8 percent of the US trade.

In fourth place was Japan, which generated total trade with the United States for 103 thousand 823 million dollars, followed by Germany, which obtained total trade with the United States in the first six months of the year, for 97 thousand 435 million dollars. dollars of merchandise exchange