Microsoft CEO Nadella’s Leadership is Affirmed And will Also Serve as Chairman

Microsoft  announced on Wednesday (16th) that current CEO Satya Nadella  will succeed John Thompson as the new chairman of Microsoft, strengthening his influence at Microsoft after serving as a Microsoft executive for more than 7 years force.

Microsoft said that the current Microsoft chairman Thompson is about to step down and will be replaced by Nadella(53 ), Nadella will become the third chairman of Microsoft.

Thompson will return to the position of independent director of Microsoft, which was his position before his appointment as chairman in 2014, responsible for overseeing Nadella’s compensation, succession planning, governance and board operations.

This undoubtedly proves the trust of the Microsoft board of directors in Nadella. Nadella was appointed as CEO in February 2014, when founder Bill Gates formally resigned from the chairmanship of Microsoft, drastically reduced his role at Microsoft, and handed over to Thompson in order to get Nadella to accept Thompson. For more guidance, Thompson served as Microsoft’s chief technical officer for 10 years.

Microsoft said that the 72-year-old Thompson has been reducing his job as chairman in the past few years, and the two have been discussing the new chairman since last fall.

Under the leadership of Nadella, Microsoft has taken a new look. It has broken away from the frustration of mobile phones and Internet search engines, and the haze of the decline in the importance of Windows systems. Instead, it focuses on the development of cloud computing, software and artificial intelligence, and builds a software ecosystem for The software license is injected into the living water.

Under the operation of the software ecosystem strategy, Microsoft has also returned to the ranks of the technology giant, with its stock price soaring more than 6 times, and its market value approaching US$2 trillion.