MINI Electric Pacesetter has Just been Presented

the first versions of an electric car MINI, we have fantasized about the possibility of seeing the acronym JCW also in this format. It could become a reality taking into account the antecedent set by this MINI Electric Pacesetter that has just been presented.

It is a prototype, the car that will be the Safety Car in Formula E. How could it be otherwise, the safety vehicle in this competition also had to be 100% electric and the result has been this MINI, which takes based on a Cooper SE. It is heavily inspired by John Cooper Works and serves as proof that electrification and sportiness fit the Oxford brand very well.

The exterior design of this MINI Electric Pacesetter maintains some typical aspects of the model such as the circular headlights or the hexagonal grille, while introducing sporty details such as the widened wheel arches, the front splitter or the generous rear spoiler. The skirts and spoilers printed in 3D with recycled carbon fiber stand out to reduce weight and improve aerodynamics. It also includes 18-inch forged wheels with a two-tone finish. The body is specifically decorated with two-stage color grading and many graphics to prove its Safety Car status.


If we move to the cabin, we see even more modifications. The MINI Electric Pacesetter only maintains the front seats, having been almost completely emptied to reduce weight. Carbon fiber is the main material in this area, having practically all the elements of this material: steering wheel, gear lever, handbrake, door panels, etc. Many of these components are 3D printed, a technique that is also applied to the removable pads of the sports seat, whose thickness, hardness and color can be adapted to the driver’s taste.


The MINI Electric Pacesetter weighs only 1,230 kg, which is about 130 kg less than the standard Cooper SE. It maintains intact its electric propulsion system, with a 184 hp engine and 280 Nm of torque, although performance has improved accordingly. Now it accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.7 seconds (7.3 seconds in production) and has an outstanding 0 to 60 km / h in 3.6 seconds. The recovery from 80 to 120 km / h is done in 4.3 seconds,

The Formula E Safety Car will also keep up on the circuits thanks to details such as a three-way adjustable competition suspension for rebound, compression, height and camber. Michelin Pilot Sport tires and four-piston brake calipers like on the MINI John Cooper Works GP cannot be absent. The debut of the MINI Electric Pacesetter will be on April 10 at the E-Prix in Rome and the driver will be the Portuguese driver, Bruno Correia.

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