Michael Douglas Reveals He has Short-Term Memory Problems

Michael Douglas, an actor known for his participation in films like Fatal Attraction, has revealed that his health is fine, however, his short-term memory is failing and that he is losing it little by little. The actor said that he became aware of his memory failure during confinement. In an interview with ARRP magazine, the 76-year-old actor was sincere and mentioned that during these months of quarantine he realized that his short-term memory presents problems and that at first I consider that it was surely due to his excessive consumption of marijuana during his youth.


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“Throughout the pandemic, in which I have spent much more time basically on the couch, I have been amazed at how much energy I have lost. My long-term memory is fine, but not so short-term. I am investigating it ”. Because he thought that this problem in his memory was due to marijuana, he decided to ask several friends who had smoked a greater amount of this drug than he and concluded that it had nothing to do with his memory failure to short term.


Although he has problems with his short-term memory, Michael Douglas declared that he will find a way to continue working. “Work keeps you going, it keeps you alert. Of course today when I look around on set, I am the oldest. But I love the whole process. We do not do neurosurgery; we are from show business. One limit that I do set is “no jerks allowed.” I don’t work with assholes. I do not have time for that”.


On the other hand, the actor from Low Instincts, a film in which he shared credits with Sharon Stone, said that he seeks to establish limits on substance use with his teenage children, the result of his marriage to Catherine Zeta Jones. With these measures, the actor seeks that his youngest children make the mistake of his older brother, Cameron, who spent about seven years in jail for crimes related to drug use and trafficking.


“It was hard, having to protect myself and my family and tell my oldest son that if I felt that I was distancing myself from him it was because I was doing it, because I was afraid that he would kill himself or that he would kill another person. I don’t wish that experience with Cameron on anyone. ” We recommend …


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