Moscow and Minsk could not Agree on 8 of the 31 Roadmaps

At the negotiations in Sochi, Moscow and Minsk agreed on draft integration roadmaps for the electric power industry and issues of cooperation between customs services, BelTA informs.

This was told by the Ambassador of Belarus to Russia Vladimir Semashko.

Since during the previous negotiations, projects were agreed on 21 of the 31 roadmaps, eight roadmaps remained uncoordinated.

Semashko said that it was important for the parties to conduct an audit, and they did not set the task of finding an absolute solution to the remaining roadmaps.

As the ambassador of Belarus to Russia Vladimir Semashko said today, during the negotiations in Sochi, the delegations of Russia and Belarus managed to agree on most of the draft integration roadmaps. In particular, mutual understanding was reached on issues of the electric power industry and customs. However, 8 of 31 roadmaps are still in question.

According to Semashko, the preliminary meeting of the prime ministers of the two countries played a positive role, at which the roadmap for electricity was discussed.

Their negotiations were “substantively, in a constructive, friendly spirit,” which allowed the presidents to come to a mutually beneficial decision on issues of cooperation between customs services, which were especially difficult.

Semashko added that by June 1, 2020, a regulatory framework should be prepared for integration on both sides. It includes hundreds of documents, acts and agreements.

It is possible that the remaining roadmaps, Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko will be able to discuss and agree at a meeting on December 20.

In Minsk, meanwhile, the second day there are actions by opponents of integration. Thus, they “celebrate” the 20th anniversary of the creation of the “Union State”.