NATO’s Patriots Fail to Stop Syrian Missile Hitting Turkey

Mideast-Syria-Turkey-_HoroQuestions are being raised after Patriot batteries placed in three Turkish provinces by NATO failed to prevent a Syrian missile from hitting Turkey.

The Turkish General Staff said in a March 25 statement that “a rocket or missile” fired by the Syrian army during its engagement with rebels crossed the border late on March 24 and exploded near the Cüdeyde neighborhood of the Reyhanlı district in the southern Turkish province of Hatay.

The projectile left a 15-meter-wide crater in a stream bed, broke the windows of the surrounding houses, caused the roof of a building in the nearby military unit to collapse, damaged two military vehicles and inflicted minor injuries on five Turkish civilians.

In response to Turkey’s request, NATO Foreign Ministers decided on 4 December 2012 that NATO would augment Turkey’s air defence capabilities in order to defend the population and territory of Turkey against threats posed by missiles from across its border with Syria.

Allies have committed five PATRIOT batteries to augment Turkey’s air defences. Germany and the United States have provided two batteries each since January 2013. Spain has provided one since January 2015. There are approximately 750 NATO troops supporting the Patriot deployment. The Netherlands provided two batteries from January 2013 until January2015.