Negative Test Required to Enter Canada By Plane

The decision to impose a mandatory test on COVID-19 for all travelers to Cananda by plane is a measure that comes too little too late .

The pharmacist and professor at the University of Montreal believes that a test done three days before departure does not prevent people from contracting the virus before boarding. Thus the test becomes null and void.

In addition, this new measure put in place by Ottawa will not be effective until January 7, giving time to travelers currently on vacation in the south to return by that date.

“The vast majority of people will be back already. We’d better put a lot more energy into monitoring the quarantine. This is really what will be decisive. How to ensure rigor? It is known that countries like Australia have taken people to hotels where they are monitored to enforce quarantine. If we don’t do that here, I think we should question the federal government on the measures it intends to take to ensure that there is rigorous monitoring,” insists the expert.

Transport Minister Marc Garneau insisted that the requirement for passengers to provide a negative test when boarding takes time for airlines to put in place.

Anyone over the age of 5 will need to provide proof of negative PCR testing before boarding a device headed for Canada.

Those who will be allowed to enter the country will still have to undergo 14 days of isolation upon arrival.

All travelers will have their quarantine plans reviewed by a government official and, if they are not suitable, will need to be quarantined at a federal quarantine facility. Travelers to Canada must use the ArriveCAN app or website and provide exact contact details and their mandatory 14-day quarantine plan no later than upon entry.

Travelers who test positive will have to stay in place, in isolation, for two weeks at their own expense.

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