New Treatment for Peanut Allergy

The results of a vast experimental treatment tested in 10 countries on nearly 600 peanut allergic participants give hope to people with this allergen that can lead to death.

After one year of treatment, most participants were able to ingest peanuts without any symptoms.

To get to this point, for 12 months, some participants were exposed to peanuts through oral immunotherapy, one could read, Sunday, in a report of the “New England Journal of Medicine“.

Of the 554 participants, two-thirds saw their allergen dose increase every two weeks until the maintenance phase, equivalent to one peanut per day, was reached.

The remaining third of participants received a placebo tablet instead. Most of the people who participated in the experimental treatment were young people between 4 and 17 years old. They were 496 of the 554 participants aged between 4 and 55 years old.

After one year of treatment, a portion of the participants could even eat 4 peanuts, under medical supervision, without suffering any symptoms.

In addition, the researchers noted that participants experienced fewer side effects than expected during the study.

“It is normal for this process to trigger certain allergic symptoms in many patients,” said Dr. Brian Vickery, lead author of the study.

“But a third of the participants finished the study with only mild side effects, such as upset stomach,” he said.

The treatment report notes that 11 children had to leave the program because they had severe side effects.