The Nikkei 225 average stock price dropped 418 11 yen from the previous day to 23,331.17 yen at the end of the 8th day.

It cuts to 20,500 yen which becomes a psychological eyebrow, and it is the lowest price for almost the first time since January 10 (closing price of 21,63 yen 80).

The morning started with selling dominance. Investor psychology got worse due to the weaker US and European stocks on 7th and the uncertain future of the US-China trade negotiations. Increasing the price range with the stock index selling last year, it fell to 20,135 31 yen (435 yen 97 seniority compared to the previous day) at the end of the latter half. The subsequent return was dull, and it was stagnant in the low price zone by the duty. In the strong feeling of refraining before the 3 consecutive holidays, it was also conscious of the soft trend of the US stock index futures in overtime transactions.

The SQ (special liquidation index) value for February of the calculated Nikkei average futures mini option is 24 481 02 yen. Trading volume of the TSE 1st section is 1,463,830,000 shares, trading value is 2,083.4 billion yen. The number of losers has risen 288 issues, 1801 stocks down, 38 stocks unchanged.

From the market “It is a moderate adjustment that interrupts the 25-day moving average line, it temporarily cools down the feeling of overheating, the Nikkei average seems to be lower price of 20,000 yen, it is not going to adjust the schedule of days of about 2-3 weeks “A quasi-major securities company” was heard.

By industry, textile products stocks such as Toray 3402 and Teijin 3401 fell. Nonferrous metal stocks such as Furukawa Electric 5801 and Mitsui Kinzoku 5706, and metal product stocks such as SUMCO 3436, Chinese can HD <5901> were also sold. Machinery stocks such as Komatsu 6301 and Hitachi Construction Machinery 6305 and shipping stocks such as merchant ships Mitsui 9104, Kawasaki Kiyo 107, Yusen 9101 are also cheap.

On the other hand, pulp paper stocks such as Oji HD 3861 rose.

Individually, Leopalace 8848 came down to a stop, conspicuous lowering such as Ariake 2815, Yohtai 5357, Asanumi graze 1852, Gyohebi 1893, Sanden HD 6444. On the other hand, Opto HD 2389, PS Mitsubishi 1871, Will G 6089, Fields 2767 became high stops, raising such as Total Industrial Production 6569 and Daitron 7609 remarkable. In addition, 32 industries in the TSE industry price index fell among all 33 industries.


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The Nikkei 225 average stock price dropped 418 11 yen from the previous day to 23,331.17 yen at the end of the 8th day.

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