OPPO’s New Technology Under-screen Camera

China OPPO announced a new technology “Under-screen Camera (USC)” to realize “true full screen” at MWC 19 (World Mobile Congress 2019) held in Shanghai, China on June 26 . By installing the in-camera on the back of the display, a bezelless full screen is realized without gimmicks such as notches and pop-out in-cameras.

In order to deliver sufficient light to the camera module, a special material with high transmittance was adopted for the display of the camera part.

In addition, algorithms such as multi-frame HDR, anti-fog, and automatic white balance are supposed to be able to provide a photographic experience equivalent to a common in-camera.

It will be possible to use virtual makeup functions and various filters in the future.

The USC is a demonstration of the technology, and it has not been announced yet when it will be put to practical use, but according to The Verge, Oppo said, “In the near future.”