Oppo is Preparing to Launch Smart Phones that Support the Fifth Generation Technologies

Oppo announced that, as part of its participation in the annual Snapdragon Summit events organized by Qualcomm, it will be one of the first companies to launch a smartphone with superior specifications that supports fifth generation technologies, and also comes equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor during the first quarter 2020.

The company also announced that its all-new Reno 3 Pro phone, which it plans to launch this month, will come equipped with the Snapdragon 765G processor, the new generation of Qualcomm processors with integrated technologies for the fifth generation, making it the first dual-system phone and supports the fifth generation technologies launched by the leading brand.

Ethan Chewi, Head of Oppo Middle East and Africa, said: The Snapdragon 865 processor allows us to launch leading smartphones that support the fifth generation technology and improve the levels of experiments in camera, games and artificial intelligence, to provide users around the world with superior performance.

“Reno 3 Pro with Snapdragon 765G processor enables users to experience enhanced connectivity with fifth generation technologies, Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming gaming system, and exceptional performance in an ultra-slim mobile phone.”

Ethan Chewi explained that Oppo plans to launch more products that support the fifth generation technologies in the future, thus enhancing the adoption of these technologies on a wider scale around the world.

The fifth-generation Snapdragon mobile processors allow Oppo to provide its leading smartphones with the best-in-class, highest performance and energy-efficient cellular network, and attractive designs that give users the next generation of video and photo imaging experiences, in addition to unparalleled gaming experiences.

Equipped with Snapdragon 765G processor, integrated fifth-generation technology, and 7nm processing technology, the Reno 3 Pro will surpass all expectations by providing an amazing fifth-generation calling experience for users.

Oppo has always been committed to launching smartphones that support 5G technologies and boost their reach around the world. Last May, it officially launched the Reno 5G phone in Switzerland as the first commercially available 5G mobile phone in Europe.

In the wake of the remarkable success of the new phone, Oppo subsequently introduced it widely in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Italy.

As a result of the superiority achieved by Reno 5G, in June, Oppo, Qualcomm and Ericsson won the award for “Best Fifth Generation Network Development in Europe”, and the smartphone was unveiled in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries in September.

The Oppo Reno 5G phone is an extension of the leading Reno series of phones that uses the latest innovative technologies to raise the level of photography and entertainment in smart phones to completely new heights, by adding the power of fifth-generation high-speed communication technologies.

As a major contributor to standardization of the fifth generation, the company launched a 5G Landing Project in the beginning of the year in cooperation with a number of partner operators to accelerate the commercial launch of the fifth generation services and products around the world.

Oppo and Qualcomm have a long-term cooperative relationship, as the company launched its flagship Find X phone equipped with Snapdragon 845 processor in 2018, and the device, which has achieved huge success in the European market through which the Oppo provides unprecedented experiences to users thanks to its pioneering design and innovative entertainment and communication capabilities.

In 2019, Oppo revealed the Reno 10x Zoom smartphone with a 10-fold hybrid zoom feature that is powered by Snapdragon 855 processor, and Reno Ace powered by Snapdragon 855 Plus processor.

In the era of fifth generation enhanced smart communication, Oppo will continue to make investments in product development, technical research projects, standard setting and 5G usage scenarios, as well as continuous cooperation with Qualcomm and other industry partners to explore the enormous potential of 5G technologies and provide innovative products that meet users ’expectations about the world.