Oracle will Open its Data Center in Israel this Summer

Senior Vice President of Oracle Global Richard Petli announced that the establishment of the center by Bynet Communications on Mount Hotzvim is well underway. The cost of establishing the cloud was previously estimated at $ 200 million; this week Microsoft announced the opening of its center in Israel in 2022.

Israel continues to be at the heart of the attention of technology giants and today Richard Petley, senior vice president of Oracle in charge of England, Israel, and several other European countries, announced the impending opening of the company’s data center in Israel.

In a post published by Richard on LinkedIn, he says that the continued establishment of the company’s data center in Israel is progressing at an excellent pace since the work began in 2021, and he estimates that it will be officially launched this summer. The cost of setting up the cloud was previously estimated at about $ 200 million. Oracle’s data center is currently being set up by Bynet Communications on Mount Hotzvim.

This week, Microsoft also announced its intention to open its local data center in Israel in early 2022. The two companies were also the losers in Israel’s public cloud tender alongside IBM. The winners were Amazon (AWS) and Google.

The cloud infrastructure set up by both Oracle and Microsoft is a very important tier for the local industry that if it wants to develop cloud-based services, then all the information must be on local servers as the two giants are currently setting up.