People who Often PLay with Mobile Phones Should Eat more Fruits?

People who often use mobile phones will have some bad effects on the eyes and neck. Glasses will be prone to soreness and necks will be stiffer. So, what fruits should those who often use mobile phones eat?

1. Banana: Banana has the effect of protecting eyes and can help improve eyesight. It is usually rich in protein, dietary fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamins can help relieve people’s nervousness and are easily absorbed, so bananas are often eaten. Not only can relieve eye fatigue, but also relieve nervous tension.

2. Pitaya: it can resist oxidation, free radicals, and anti-aging, so eat more dragon fruit, which has a good skin care effect on the skin. Pitaya is a low-energy, high-fiber fruit and rich in vitamins. B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C.

3. Cherry tomatoes: Cherry tomatoes are rich in vitamins, which can alleviate too fast aging. Eat more cherry tomatoes have the effect of helping the skin beautify.