Poroshenko is Suspicious of Withdrawing 340 kg of Dollars

According to Russian media, Ukraine’s former president Petro Poroshenko has withdrawn $ 34 million in cash from his bank account in just one month, raising suspicions that he could use it to win the next parliamentary elections.

The deputy head of the former presidential administration of Ukraine Andrei Portnov, ordered the withdrawal of Poroshenko for these sums in a country suffering from a severe economic crisis, wrote on the “Facebook”: Poroshenko money withdrawn between 17 May and 18 June from the International Investment Bank, which owns personally, After losing the presidential election to his rival Vladimir Zelinsky a few days.

A total of $ 34 million was withdrawn, and the entire amount was about 340 kilograms of 100-dollar bills, he added.

“The reason for the withdrawal of the money is to hide it for fear of being confiscated or to bribe voters in the parliamentary elections scheduled for fall next year,” he said, adding that the authorities were investigating the matter.

Bornov earlier filed several criminal cases against Poroshenko at the State Investigation Office, where he was deemed to have committed the crime of treason when he sent a group of sailors aboard three warships to the Kerch Strait to provoke Russia last fall and illegally seized the television channel “Mubasher “And took over $ 300 million at the sale of the Kuznya Riebalski government plant, and whitened it, even though it was suspicious and illegal.

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