Primark’s Trends for a Honors Summer

Primark once again tempts us with trends born to configure our summer wardrobe.

According to Primark, the trends for this summer go through a relaxed and comfortable style. Just what we want right now. We seek tranquility and feel good after a too rare stage, and the clothes that complicate our lives do not enter into our plans. The brand has understood this well and proposes a collection of pieces that are easier to wear. Neither tight silhouettes nor excessively complex garments, an idea that could not appeal to us more.

These are his ideas for you:

1. The tiered flight shirts. Their key is in the ruffle as a peplum that they present just above the hip. It does not fit the abdomen, it provides us with comfort and freshness and it looks great with all our pants.

2. Flowy dresses in dark coral. They do not adhere to the body, but subtly accompany it, and that tone that dyes them ends any day with a bad face.

3. The raffia slippers. Elegant and comfortable at the same time, they are the kind of footwear that you will wear all summer with your entire wardrobe.

4. The floral print. How could I miss? Primark presents it mainly shirts and tops, and we, as always, go crazy with its sweetness.

5. The ripped jeans. They are one of the trends of the moment, and an ideal way to continue wearing jeans when it is hotter. We signed but now.


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