Producing Cannabis for Yourself is no Longer a Crime

Italy seems to be moving slowly towards legalization of the product cannabis. If we are not there yet, a decision of the Court of Cassation of December 19, 2019 legalized production for personal consumption.

Producing cannabis for yourself is no longer a crime

The decision is historic, especially in a country where personal production is very developed: growing cannabis for yourself is no longer a crime in Italy. And it is the notion of “for yourself” that makes all the difference: for the judges of the Court of Cassation, gathered in what is called the “Sessioni Unite”, its highest jurisdiction, to produce a minimal quantity marijuana which can be shown to be for personal consumption does not endanger public health or public order.

Italy therefore continues its momentum which could see, in a few years, cannabis be fully legalized. The project has been studied for years, in 2015 it had even been attempted without succeeding. However, personal consumption is not a criminal matter, but simply a civil one, which can lead to administrative sanctions.

The decision of the Italian Court of Cassation therefore now allows personal production of cannabis. It will be the quantities produced, the lack of marketing, rudimentary and artisanal techniques as well as the number of cannabis plants discovered, in the event of a search, which will make it possible to establish whether the producer produces for himself or at commercial scale.