PS5: The Plate Manufacturer Offers Two New Black DualSense…

Despite its relative unavailability, the PlayStation 5 seems to unleash passions and empty the savings books of the most enthusiastic players. Faced with this craze, many third-party manufacturers quickly scented the vein, and unsheathed their unofficial accessories, not without inflating the bill. It seems that when you love, you don’t count.

The console now current-gen was not yet out of stock on merchant sites around the world that a props manufacturer was already offering to order colored plates intended to give a little color to the beast. A quasi-Shakespearean drama and a change of name later, the manufacturer that no longer calls itself PlateStation 5 is today doing a spell on DualSense.

The Color Yellow
Last month, a manufacturer put up for sale a few hundred copies of a black DualSense, with retro accents, billed at $ 99, because why not. The idea will have inspired the CMP site, may anxious to win the palm of originality, and which today relaunches two by unveiling in turn two black and matte versions of the controller.

The “Matte Black Dualsense PS5 Controller”, available for the trifle of 115 dollars (around 95 euros without taxes and customs) takes the look of the Sony controller by replacing its white shell, which Armor Suits accessories did not allow from the manufacturer Game Armor . For 125 dollars (about 103 euros), the “Classic” version replaces the black and white front buttons with their old color codes, ie 2.5 dollars per key, CQFD.

The two models available in our image gallery below can both be ordered on the CMP Shells website, which deploys a wealth of ingenuity to detail the functionality of its controller … which apart from the addition of a USB-C socket is confined to replicating what the official DualSense already offers, between haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. The story does not say if these two Matte Black models protect against the very ugly Drift which is starting to be talked about.

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