Qualcomm Decided to Join the Taiwan 5G National Team

TSMC will hold a law conference on the 18th, and the fourth-quarter revenue has reached a consensus on foreign investment.

Among them, iPhone pull goods, high-efficiency computing (HPC) demand, Qualcomm order return, 7-nm volume and AMD (AMD) transfer orders and other five key factors, affecting growth, foreign investment in the single-season revenue challenge of 300 billion yuan.

Sino-US trade frictions have intensified and no signs of reconciliation have yet been seen. Yi Gang, governor of the People’s Bank of China, said yesterday (14) that trade frictions will have negative expectations and uncertainties on the global economy, but the PBOC still has a lot of room for interest rates and deposit reserve ratios to deal with uncertainty. , stressed that China’s GDP growth rate this year can achieve the goal of 6.5%. The implication is that China has prepared for the “long-term war of resistance.”

Global chip giant Qualcomm decided to join the Taiwan 5G national team! It is understood that Qualcomm executives personally called on the 5G office and Chunghwa Telecom to take the initiative to join the 5G national team in Taiwan, and released two plans, including assisting Taiwanese products to conduct 5G intercommunication testing, accelerating the commercialization of 5G products of Taiwanese factories, and Taiwanese factories work together to attack the global 5G private network business opportunities.