QuenchSea – Portable Device Converts Sea Water

Because of its lightness and affordability, QuenchSea is an interesting device for backpackers, hikers, sailors and other people who spend a long time near the sea. QuenchSea is an exciting solution for people who don’t want to buy drinking water on vacation but want to produce it themselves. Although the groups listed are the main target groups for this product, there is also a humanitarian goal behind the project.

QuenchSea wants to supply the world with clean drinking water and plans to sell 100 million devices by 2027. Such initiatives are urgently needed, after all, 2 billion people worldwide do not have access to clean drinking water and almost 7 million people die directly or indirectly every year from contaminated water. Devices that convert contaminated water or salt water into drinking water have been around for a long time, but QuenchSea is the most affordable device on the market with a price of 52 euros.

The function of QuenchSea is relatively easy to explain, it immediately converts salt water into clean drinking water. A pressure of up to 60 bar is applied to the salt water in the device using a hydraulic system and then desalted using reverse osmosis. A built-in 3-filter system removes bacteria, viruses and microplastics and other unwanted particles from the water. A filter also ensures that the carbon is filtered out and the water then tastes good. The cheap price of the filter device is no coincidence, after all, the user has to become active himself and get the device to work manually with an extendable stick. The rod is rotated back and forth until the device shows that the water has been filtered. QuenchSea is equipped with two thin hoses, one absorbing the salt water and the other pushing out the drinking water.

QuenchSea can produce two to three liters of drinking water per hour, which is 50 liters a day. The drinking water produced has a TDS value of less than 1000 and therefore meets the WHO guidelines for fresh drinking water. The campaign is currently being funded on Indiegogo and has already met the funding target. However, the campaign is still running for almost three weeks. Interested parties can either buy one or more QuenchSea for 52 euros each, or contribute an amount of 28 euros as a donation for social purposes.


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QuenchSea - Portable Device Converts Sea Water into Fresh Drinking Water

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