Reasons of Dark Circles of Eyes

If you don’t sleep well, there will be panda eyes (black circles. Although dark circles are not a disease, most of the time it is just a cosmetic problem. Usually, pay attention to some self-care, and the situation will improve. However, if you suffer from allergies, you will need to see a doctor.

If you usually have enough sleep, you still find dark circles, which is unusual. Fatigue is not the only reason for dark circles. Sometimes dark circles are shadows of eyelid edema, or lower eyelid depressions, which is a normal phenomenon caused by age aging.

9 common causes of dark circles
1. Allergies, such as allergic rhinitis, cause poor blood circulation, leading to microvascular proliferation;
2. Eczema;
3. Contact dermatitis;
4. Tiredness and lack of sleep;
5 genetic, even a lot of dark circles have a family history, may be in the family;
6. Abnormal pigmentation, which is more pronounced among people of color, especially Asians and Africans;
7. Excessive friction or scratching your eyes;
8. Sun exposure causes the body to produce more melanin, and the skin around the eyes is affected by pigmentation;
9. As you age, your skin becomes thinner, and fat and collagen are lost, making red and blue blood vessels around your eyes easy to appear.

When do I need to see a doctor?
If there is swelling and discoloration under one eye and it gets worse as time goes by, you should tell your family doctor.

If you want to find a more durable way to remove dark circles than foundations and over-the-counter medicines, just look for a dermatologist.

Depending on the cause of dark circles, your doctor may recommend using prescription ointments or a combination of measures to eliminate or reduce skin discoloration around the eye. In some cases, laser therapy and chemical peels may also help.

3 strokes to improve their own dark circles
Normally, dark circles are not a condition. Some mild and moderate dark circles can be improved with simple and inexpensive self-care measures.

Cold compress. Some dark circles are caused by vasodilatation under the skin around the eyes. You can use two cold teaspoons or a soft cloth to wrap the frozen peas and apply them to the dark circles. It can help the blood vessels to shrink and reduce dark circles.

 Sleeping pillow two pillows. When sleeping, you can pillow two pillows and raise your head to prevent the skin from accumulating around the eyelids and causing edema.

S sleep. Although occasionally sleeping late will not cause dark circles, long-term lack of sleep will make the face pale, so that the dark color around the eyes will be more obvious.

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