Rolls-Royce Presents its First Electric Model

The British luxury firm Rolls-Royce aim to be a fully electric brand by 2030, and this new model that they already show camouflaged is the first step in that plan.

Even before the company’s founding, in 1900, Rolls-Royce co-founder Charles Rolls fell in love with an electric car called Columbia which fascinated him with its clean and quiet operation. However, he himself was aware of the problems and limitations that these types of models had at that time and which, according to him, prevented them from being competitive “at least for many years.” It has taken 123 years for the car company he founded to make that dream that Rolls had come true, and Rolls-Royce is finally ready to offer its first production electric vehicle. Its name is Specter, and it is a model that seems to be already in a sufficiently advanced stage to show it in this series of photos still camouflaged, although there is still some time for its launch.

A dream come true that will arrive in 2023
We must take into account that term of “first production electric” in the history of the brand, since Rolls already surprised us a few years ago, in 2016, with the ultra-futuristic Rolls-Royce 103EX. This new model, however, already suggests, with what little we can see, an aspect much more typical of the latest models of the Goodwood house, with a front and side that in fact quite reminds us of a Wraith, although Rolls-Royce has made it clear that this is a completely new model born from scratch as an electric.

This new design that will seek to evolve a little more those master lines of the British brand after its latest proposals such as the new Ghost and especially the ultra-exclusive and ultra-expensive Boat Tail, this time with a slightly more technological look but still feeling 100% Rolls-Royce. All this with the instant torque, silence and zero emissions typical of an electric vehicle.

Rolls-Royce Boat Tail: A 23 million jewel
As explained by Rolls-Royce itself, this Specter will not hit the market until the fourth quarter of 2023, which means that they will still take considerable time to further refine what will be one of the most important models in the 117 years of history of the British company, especially after it has announced that its objective, like that of so many other European brands recently, is to become a 100% electric company by 2030.

Munich For Torsten Muller-Otvos it is a “historic step”. At the end of 2023, Rolls-Royce will present its first electric model, from 2030 the brand will only sell electric cars, the brand boss announced on Wednesday. After all, the founding fathers Henry Royce and Charles Rolls would have wanted to build electric cars 100 years ago, since electric drives were already significantly quieter and more efficient than combustion engines back then. The bold plan failed: there was already a lack of charging stations in Victorian England.

Today the British are standing in front of empty gas pumps and Muller-Otvos wants to bring Rolls-Royce and electric drive back together. The step into electromobility is long overdue: With the announced ban on the internal combustion engine from 2030, the British government is forcing the industry to change course. After Mini, the second BMW brand, Rolls-Royce, is now putting an end to the combustion engine chapter.

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