Samsung And Adidas Start Cooperation for Galaxy Bud Pro Headphones

Samsung cooperates with Adidas and brings a special version of the Galaxy Bud Pro headphones onto the market. In South Korea, the wireless Galaxy Bud headphones in the original Adidas design will be available from April 7th. The branding takes place mainly via the Adidas snapback charging case.

Technology paired with fashion and sport
Cooperation between large and well-known brands is no longer uncommon, but these can still trigger a lot of hype among their own followers or customers. At first glance, a very exciting cooperation has now started between Samsung and Adidas. The electronics manufacturer paired with the fashion and sports giant promises a lot.

Galaxy Bud Pro as an Adidas original
Samsung will launch its own Galaxy Bud Pro wireless headphones in an Adidas Originals special version. The Galaxy Bud Pro are the counterpart to Apple’s AirPods Pro. With the Adidas special, the Galaxy Bud Pro should probably be given more shine and coolness. These are the latest Galaxy Bud headphones Pro that are packed in an Adidas snapback case. In addition, there is a voucher for the Adidas Stan Smith sneakers in this package. If the Galaxy Buds is used in combination with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, there are also Adidas Original Themes such as icons and background images.

Sustainable materials thanks to recycling
The cap shell is made of recycled plastic and the Galaxy Bud Pro also contain 20% recycled material. The partnership between the two brands could be exciting if further projects are planned in the future. Unfortunately, the headphones are not really in the Adidas design, but white and silver. In addition, this special offer is only available in South Korea and starts on April 7th. Converted, the Adidas / Samsung headphones cost just under 21o euros. It is not yet known whether these will also be sold internationally.

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