Samsung Intends to Launch Galaxy S21 to Grab Huawei’s Market Share

There has been news recently that Samsung intends to launch its new flagship Galaxy S series phones early, more than a month earlier than in previous years, in order to grab Huawei’s market share and resist fierce competition from Apple.

According to the news, Samsung is preparing to launch the new flagship Galaxy S21 in late January next year. The last flagship Galaxy S20 was officially launched in early March this year, more than a month earlier than in previous years. But because this plan has not been made public, Samsung declined to comment.

According to data from market research firm IDC, Samsung shipped 80.4 million smartphones globally in the third quarter of this year, an increase of 2.9% over the same period last year, and its global market share reached 22.7%, an increase of 0.9% over the same period last year.

IDC also said that due to the expanded sanctions imposed by the United States, Huawei continues to face challenges, resulting in a blow to its performance. Even its performance in the Chinese market cannot escape the impact. Samsung has finally regained the leading position in Huawei’s hands.

The report quoted sources as saying that the US Department of Commerce announced a new ban that prohibits foreign companies from using US technology to produce chips for Huawei. If foreign companies want to use US semiconductor equipment to produce chips for Huawei, they must first apply for a license from the United States. The chip inventory will be used up within a period of time early next year.

Samsung also pointed out that the company’s performance in the third quarter was mainly due to the launch of new flagship phones such as Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Z Fold2, as well as strong sales of affordable phones in major markets such as India, which drove smartphone sales to increase by about 50% compared to the previous quarter.

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