Kia Announces A Home Charging Station

Kia announces a partnership with a recharging specialist to support its customers in installing a home charging station, while the problem of “full” is more than ever for owners of electric cars.

Kia rightly points out: a very large majority of owners of plug-in vehicles, primarily electric, plug in at home for the most part. This is why the development of home charging is a crucial element in the development of the electric vehicle, which may in any case run up against the problem of public charging stations for a while.

Kia has decided to join forces with ZEborne-Proxiserve to support the customer in the “headache” of home charging: installing your own “gas pump” at home is not done without taking a maximum of information . The recharging specialist will notably provide a free estimate, installation and technical follow-up for 2 years for the equipment, and one year for installation.

Two types of terminals are available: the 2.3 kW in 12A, at € 515, more suited to plug-in hybrids, and the 7.4 kW in 32A, from € 1,490, for electric ones. The latter allows you to recover a hundred kilometers of autonomy in 2h30. The prices include the installation of the terminal.