Samsung is Preparing for Six Cameras and A Huge Display

“Samsung is preparing, in addition , more luxurious flagship model”. Now known under the code name “Beyond X” device will have six cameras and a huge display.

Three Galaxy S10 smartphones, the foldable Galaxy F and a Galaxy Note 10 – already this list of expected high-end smartphones should make Samsung fans sweat. Now the Wall Street Journal reported that the Koreans will bring out yet another device: The codenamed “Beyond” for the Galaxy S10 series “Beyond X” called smartphone is the tenth anniversary of Samsung’s Galaxy series with a Celebrate due to the technical features of the top models.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Beyond X” has a 6.7-inch display, a dual front camera and a quad camera on the back. The Galaxy S10 smartphones, however, according to current knowledge 5.8 inches to 6.44 inches large screens and various camera configurations with a maximum of three main cameras. Further details on the resolution or whether it is a curved display with or without recess for the front cameras, are not known. At the Developers’ Conference earlier this month, Samsung had introduced several display types with different bulges and holes, but the “New Infinity” display seems to work without any gaps.

The report also states that the premium model, the first from Samsung, could support the 5G standard and come with a Huawei Mate 20 Pro-like charging technology that enables wireless battery charging of other Qi-enabled devices.

It is not yet known if Samsung “Beyond X” integrated into the Galaxy S10 family or presented as a separate model, but all four smartphones will be presented at an event in February. It would be conceivable that the manufacturer again uses the stage of Mobile World Congress for the presentation. The “Galaxy Flex,” as the foldable smartphone might be called by the Wall Street Journal, will be unveiled later. By report, the three Galaxy S10 come at the same time on the market – on “Beyond X“, however, one will still have to wait as long as the regional providers have given the go-ahead for the 5G radio.