Sarah Netanyahu Blames Israel’s Richest woman for a Possible Iranian Nuclear Attack

Israeli media have published dramatic confessions made to police by businesswoman and publisher of Israel Hume, Miriam Adelson, about the nature of her relationship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah.

Adelson, Israel’s richest woman and former prime minister’s supporter, spoke of the tension between her and the Netanyahu couple in confessions she made during her interrogation as a witness in the so-called “Case 2000” media, involving an illegal barter deal between the prime minister and a newspaper publisher. Yedioth Ahronoth, Arnon Moses.

Adelson said in the confessions, which published the full text of the Channel 12, that the friendly relations at first between them and the Netanyahu couple deteriorated because of their constant complaint about how to cover “Israel Hume” them.

Adelson revealed persistent complaints, particularly by Sarah, including with regard to the size of her photographs in the newspaper or the lack of coverage of topics such as her visit to children with cancer, and turned to the degree of screaming on the phone for five or ten minutes, and said she had to These cases put the speaker aside.

There were also several complaints from Benjamin Netanyahu, who, according to Adelson, considered that her newspaper “does not protect him, while everyone is attacked and all other media smear his name, especially before the elections.”

Sarah Netanyahu warned one day that Adelson would be guilty if Iran launched a nuclear attack and Israel was exterminated because she did not protect Bibi (the name Netanyahu knows).

In Case 2000, Netanyahu faces charges of reaching a deal in 2009 with the publisher of Yedioth Ahronoth, under which the prime minister pledged to work to weaken Yisrael Hume, the newspaper’s main rival, in exchange for friendly coverage in Yedioth.

Source: The Times of Israel
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