Scientists: Simple way to Avoid Cancer

Experts have pointed out a simple way to avoid oncology.

Scientists from the Sanger Institute and University College London were able to prove that quitting smoking increases the body’s level of protection against cancer. In particular, the risk of lung tumors is reduced.

According to experts, the results of a lung biopsy of 16 patients showed that there are genetic differences between never smoked people, as well as former and real smokers.

Despite the fact that the cells were not malignant, up to 10 thousand mutations were detected in 9 out of 10 cells of smokers – this effect on the body was exerted by tobacco use. At least every fourth mutation contributed to the formation of cancer.

However, people who quit smoking found four times as many healthy cells.

This find of the researchers became a refutation of the myth that after years of experience throwing does not make any sense.

10,000 people are diagnosed with cancer every day in China, 360,000 in the UK and 1.7 million in the United States each year. Scientists all over the world are working hard, but until now it has not been known where the super proliferation ability of cancer cells comes from. There is a theory that cancer cells will resurrect after being killed, just like “zombies”.

Professor Michael Lisanti of Salford University in the United Kingdom published a paper in the academic journal Frontiers in Oncology, claiming to find the “source cells” of cancer, which is the cause of various cancers. Rather than say it will “fake death”, it will be “jailbroken”, detached from the tumor tissue that will be destroyed, find a new place of residence, and at the same time preserve its own proliferation ability, so as to start a new stove, crazy proliferation, and form new tumors.

Cancer “source cells”
Scientists said that the method to find such “source cells” is simple, that is, using fluorescent labeling to isolate the most proliferating cells from laboratory human breast tumor samples. However, to use this simple method to find out the “source cells”, it is just like drying the sea water to pick up needles. It takes a bit of luck, and it takes a little luck.

Such “source cells” are energetic cancer stem cells, which have a particularly strong ability to proliferate. Scientists analyzed the “source cell” and thought that antioxidants and mitochondria were the energy source for another stove.

Based on the above findings, Professor Lisanti believes that current chemotherapy technology is incomplete. The current chemotherapy technology is mainly aimed at large-volume cancer cells, but it is not effective for “source cells”. It can neither kill it nor destroy its proliferative ability, and may even promote them to proliferate more rapidly.


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