Diseases Causing Cancer

Doctors warn that malignant tumors appear more often when a person suffers from chronic diseases. Because these diseases cause weak immune system and the body’s resistance to cancer.

Among the diseases attributed by doctors to cancer-causing gastritis are low level of acidity, gastric ulcers, hepatitis B and C, breast dysfunction, corrosion and poor tissue growth. For example, in the case of viral hepatitis, the risk of developing liver cancer increases.

In virtually all cases, if chronic bowel disease, HPV and Ebstein-Barr are not treated, they lead to cancer. According to doctors.

Doctors warn that if chronic diseases appear to be low appetite, severe weight loss, persistent weakness, high body temperature and the appearance of depression, may be the cause of cancer. In this case, you should immediately check with your doctor for the necessary tests.

Doctors also warn of the development of HIV, which is a major risk in its development to lymphoma, sarcoma, Kaposi, cervical cancer, rectum, skin and lung.