Seagate Unveiled the First 3.5 Hard Drive Capacity of 16TV

Seagate has officially confirmed that they have developed the world’s first hard disk drive that has a 3.5 “form factor and offers a built-in memory of 16TB, and the company’s specialists are currently conducting final testing of this product, Seagate relies on its innovative technology HAMR, which allows more memory modules to be embedded in the same space, a method that is based on magnetic recording and will continue to be used by Seagate in their future products.

The company also predicts that the capacity of their HAMR hard drives and 3.5 “form factor will reach 20TB before the end of the decade, TechSpot said. The new 16TB series of devices is designed primarily for enterprise users and data centers, but that does not mean that each of us will have no way to get such a hard drive, Seagate has found out how to increase the capacity of the new hardware without altering their structure.

In practice, this means that this method has the potential to be applied to current HDD technologies. HAMR technology uses a miniature laser diode on the recording heads that heats a particular surface of the hard drive. In this way, the heads themselves change their magnetic polarity at each record of information. We still do not have information on how much the first 16TB hardware with the 3.5 “form factor in the industry will cost.

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