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Information technology is a broad competency based on the interest in technology and its areas related to information management and processing. IT deals with electronic computers and computer software to change, store and protect data, in addition to information retrieval and transfer.

Computer specialists are called IT professionals . The history of information technology has occupied a great position in humans for thousands of years.

It was used in calculations. It is believed that the beginning was when the stick was used for enumeration and counting. The first machines used for counting are the antiquity machine, dating back to the first century BC, It was classified into the mechanical computational machines that had been laminated at that time.

The analogue devices in Europe did not emerge until the sixteenth century, and in the year one thousand six hundred and forty-five invented the first computational machine capable of performing basic calculations.

Software and equipment Information technology contains many tangible physical equipment, tools, operating systems, and software used to complete key functions, such as laptops, mobile smartphones, recording equipment, information technology, Systems, and methodology used to store data. The practical application includes the rules of bytes such as servers, process systems such as the real-time input order, e-mail messaging servers, website servers, Customers, and other applications that implement programmed instructions for manipulation, prose, and the integration of any impact on the data for the development and prosperity of work.

Of computer servers are running business applications, computer servers are integrated, integrated with users from the client, and other servers through one or more organizations. Any type of technology is stored in the form of data, and the information is in the form of a data file or multimedia , Or contact data, or data from files. RAM, random tape, hard drive, and media devices are stored on RAM. Information Technology Officer Information Officer: This person is responsible for both information technology and computer systems that support the organization’s objectives. Chief Technology Officer: The function of this person is to control all the objectives of technology, and policy within the institution.

IT Manager: The job of this person is to pay attention to the performance of all tools and technological processes in operation. This function is called the IT Manager or the IT Manager. Systems Manager: manages, manages, supports, manages, and processes a multi-user computing environment. Developer: writes, develops, and tests program codes for meeting internal business objectives. Engineer: The Engineer will inspect the information technology, change its functions in order to develop the work, and support it to become the best image.

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