Seoul Bans entry of Foreigners who Visited Corona’s “Hotspot”

Korea Prime Minister Chung Se-kyun today afternoon to expand the response to the new coronavirus, “We will restrict entry into the danger zone of China where the new coronavirus spreads.” Said:

This is the first time the government has banned entry from China, the epicenter of the new coronavirus.

Chung said, “We will isolate ourselves for 14 days after entering Korea. We will temporarily suspend the visa-free entry system under the Jeju Special Law in consultation with Jeju Special Self-Governing Province.”

“We will maintain alertness, which is the current crisis warning level, but will respond to the highest level of seriousness.”

Chung said, “We need to tightly block the path of viral spread in our communities.”

First of all, we will conduct self-containment of all contacts, regardless of the daily contact of close contacts. Explained.

He also noted that there is a concern about mask shortages and price increases due to the recent rapid increase in the demand for masks. “Ministers such as the Food and Drug Administration explained that supply and demand of hygiene products such as masks and hand sanitizers are well maintained. So that the people can be at ease. ”

Chung said, “The increase in the number of contacts and contacts can prolong the situation and increase the risks.” “The government will take preemptive measures in the medium to long term to prepare for the worst.”

He also asked the local government to cooperate with local governments to secure on-site resources such as manpower, quarantine beds, and test reagents.

Chung stressed that the medical staff checks the health status twice a day and completely blocks outside contact with the people who return from Wuhan, China, to make a temporary living.

He added, “I was deeply concerned about the people living in the process of deciding on the provisional living facilities. However, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the residents who welcomed Wuhan citizens with consideration and understanding.”

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