Serotonin Makes You not Depressed

Why is there a big relationship between mood and diet? This has to start with the “serotonin” known as the happiness hormone that can help us relax and feel good. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain, which is closely related to concentration, mood and autonomic nervous balance. If the concentration of serotonin is too low, we may experience depression, depression, anxiety, headaches and other symptoms.

According to the “Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) data created by the US National Library of Medicine, serotonin  is a kind of biochemical signal transmission and regulation substance, from the essential amino acid tryptamine Acid (L-TRYPTOPHAN) is synthesized.

In the human body, serotonin is mostly found in the central nervous system, digestive tract and platelets. Serotonin can control some important physiological functions, such as nerve transmission, gastrointestinal peristalsis, hemostasis, and cardiovascular integrity.

Gavin Van De Walle, a registered dietitian in the United States, pointed out that the human body uses 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) to produce serotonin. According to research data, low serotonin concentration may be related to depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, obesity and other health The problem is related, so promoting the body’s production of serotonin may have some benefits.

Weight loss: 5-HTP interacts with hormones that cause appetite, and helps suppress appetite and helps reduce weight.
Improve depression: Researchers believe that serotonin imbalance may affect mood and cause depression. Sufficient 5-HTP is believed to help increase serotonin concentration and help improve depression.

Improve fibromyalgia: Although the cause of fibromyalgia is unknown, current research results have found that too low serotonin is related to fibromyalgia. Therefore, some experts believe that increasing serotonin by supplementing 5-HTP may be beneficial to patients with fibromyalgia.
Reduce the frequency of migraine attacks: Some researchers believe that the cause of migraine may be related to low serotonin.
Improve sleep quality: 5-HTP can synthesize serotonin, and serotonin can be further converted into melatonin, which regulates sleep. Therefore, 5-HTP supplementation may help promote sleep by increasing the production of melatonin.

Known as the “first person in serotonin research” in Japan, Hideho Arita, a professor at Toho University School of Medicine, said that in order to keep the brain in an ideal environment with energetic energy at all times, it is necessary to frequently supplement the raw materials for making serotonin.

The raw material for making serotonin is “tryptophan”, but it cannot be synthesized by the human body and must be obtained from the diet. Tryptophan is mainly found in protein-rich foods, or dairy products, eggs, nuts and sesame seeds, all of which are readily available and can easily supplement tryptophan.

However, Professor Xiuho Arita reminded that although meat and fish are rich in protein, tryptophan in animal protein does not pass through blood vessels in the brain easily, and eating too much can easily cause cardiovascular disease, so it is better to substitute soy products.

Want to have enough serotonin, eat it with vitamin B, carbohydrates, and calcium

If you want to have enough serotonin, it is not enough to have “raw materials” first, you must also have the help of other nutrients to make tryptophan to become serotonin.

Vitamin B6, folic acid, nicotinic acid, vitamin B12, carbohydrates, etc. are important helpers to help tryptophan turn into serotonin. If we had enough tryptophan without these nutrients, we would still be unhappy.

Also note that although there are many tryptophan supplements on the market today, Professor Shuho Arita believes that the more tryptophan is not the better, the balanced intake of various nutrients from the daily diet is the only way to eliminate stress and have The fundamental way to a good mood.

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