Shanghai Stock Index Fell 0.8%

On September 24 news, the three major indexes opened lower collectively, and the trend after the opening diversified.

The index performance was relatively strong and continued to rise, and the increase was once expanded to 2%.

The Shanghai index fluctuated around the flat line. As for the sector, the rare earth sector was stimulated by positive news. Stronger, major consumer sectors rose across the board. In the afternoon, the index continued to diverge, and the gains of the index narrowed.

The Shanghai index fell by nearly 1%. The turnover of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges exceeded one trillion yuan for the 46th consecutive trading day, continuing to brush the longest historical record.

In terms of sectors, cyclical stocks such as coal, steel, and cement set off a wave of stop-downs. In general, the long-short game is fierce, individual stocks fall more and less, and the effect of making money is average. As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.8% to 3,613.09 points, with a turnover of 606.4 billion yuan; the Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.21% to 14,357.85 points, with a turnover of 676.6 billion yuan; the Chuang Index rose 0.8% to 3,207.82 points, with a turnover of 606.4 billion yuan. 237.3 billion yuan.

On the disk, the green electricity, Hongmeng concept, and medical beauty concept sectors have the largest gains, and the coal, cement, and steel sectors have the largest declines.


Hot plate:

1, rare earth

The rare earth sector rose during intraday trading on the 24th. As of press time, Huahong Technology (21.350, 0.48, 2.30%), Minmetals Rare Earth (49.620, 4.51, 10.00%) rose sharply, and Mindong Power (12.200, 1.11, 10.01%) , Huayang New Materials (8.040, 0.73, 9.99%) etc. followed up.

On the news, Minmetals Rare Earth announced on the evening of September 23 and received a notice from China Minmetals Corporation that China Aluminum (8.870, -0.49, -5.24%) Group Co., Ltd., China Minmetals Corporation, Ganzhou City The People’s Government and others are planning the strategic reorganization of related rare earth assets. It is reported that the rare earth resources of the three parties involved in this announcement are mainly medium and heavy rare earths, accounting for 85.9% of the first batch of rare earth mining total control indicators in 2021. This may mean that a “super” medium and heavy rare earth group will be established. .

2, coal

Affected by the “dual energy consumption control” policy, the coal, chemical, and steel sectors that have performed relatively well recently have collectively pulled back sharply. As of press time, in the coal sector, Lanhua Kechuang (12.780, -1.42, -10.00%) and Open Coal Industry (15.860, -1.76, -9.99%) fell sharply, while Jizhong Energy (8.210, -0.91, -9.98%) Follow down.

1. The chairman of China Coal Processing and Utilization Association talks about double carbon: developing coal chemical industry and orderly reducing carbon.

2. General Administration of Customs: In the first August of this year, China’s comprehensive free trade zone imports and exports were 3.53 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26.8%.

3. Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau: Promote the perfect governance of listed companies in the jurisdiction to focus on the main business, and strengthen communication and interaction with investors.