Transition Develops With Stability: López Obrador

The transition of government in Mexico takes place amidst a crisis of violence and insecurity, but without political or financial upsets, said President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the city of Monterrey 

“The transition has been achieved in harmony, with stability, there is no political crisis, we do not have a financial crisis, what is unfortunately happening in Argentina is not happening,” said López Obrador, referring to the situation in the country. South American.

The Argentine government was forced to take emergency measures in the face of an economic crisis, with new taxes on exports, a reduction in the cabinet and the negotiation of a new agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which it resorted to in June. look for a loan for 50,000 million dollars.

López Obrador said at the airport in the city that it is evident that there is a crisis in Mexico, but related to “much poverty and above all much insecurity and much violence, but there are also conditions (favorable), because there is hope for people that things are going to improve and they’re going to change. ”

He added that in October he will present the security strategy for his term, which will begin on December 1.

Thousands of people have died in Mexico in recent years because of the war between drug cartels and the attempts of governments to confront it.

López Obrador met with businessmen in Monterrey, where he also had a meeting with the governor of the state of Nuevo Leon, Jaime Rodríguez.