New Platform to Use the Power of Artificial Intelligence announced on Wednesday the addition of a new platform to its portfolio that will allow it to use the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms without the need to share private data. This platform, which is ‘Open Source’, will be added to the company’s suite of AI services for developers, which also includes its advances in conversational and recommendation algorithms.

During the second edition of Keynote, which on this occasion was held online, Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria, founder and CEO of the Basque company, explained that “data privacy is being a workhorse for technology companies “and warns that this situation will be more evident in the post-covid era,” when many think that they will have to choose between data security and privacy. ”

“At Sherpa we are very committed to privacy. For Sherpa, and for me personally, privacy is a fundamental ethical value. Security without sacrificing data privacy is something that can be achieved thanks to AI, and today we present the advance that will allow not having to choose “,

How to keep data privacy?

AI needs a lot of data to learn and that data often contains private information. To prevent this data from being exposed, Sherpa trains the models locally and the enhancements are combined in the cloud without exchanging sensitive data. These are added to a global model that is refined with all these updates. This is known as Federated Learning.

The company argues that another advantage of this platform is that “it is capable of working with 100% of the algorithms used in the industry, while the current ones are only capable of using 20% ​​of the algorithms.” “This is a giant leap to democratize data privacy without renouncing the power of AI,” Uribe-Etxebarria added.

The privacy framework complements the Developers platform for developers ( that has also been presented this Tuesday and that aims to promote the use of Artificial Intelligence and create a world community interested in learning, use and develop this technology.

Designed for developers and students

The platform can be used both by developers or students, who want to carry out tests or experiments, as well as by professionals willing to implement Artificial Intelligence in a simple way and improve the processes of their company. This platform, in addition to the privacy one, has two other service sections: the conversational part and the set of APIs for predictive and recommendation technologies.

The company assures that it is working to commercialize these services. Specifically, the CEO of states that they are “in advanced conversations with agents in the health field and other sectors that may benefit from this advance”.

In this event, John Sculley (ex-CEO of Apple and Pepsi), Joanna Hoffman (ex-director of Marketing at Apple and considered the right hand of Steve Jobs and currently Senior Advisor in Business Development and Marketing at Sherpa have also participated through video calls. .ai), Tom Gruber (creator of Siri and member of the team) and former senior Samsung official Celestino García (VP of Business Development at

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