Robots has Done A Great Harm to Amazon Employees

From 2014 to date, Amazon has talked about the benefits of automating its warehouses and the help that robots give humans in processing boxes, but leaked information shows that the automation has done a great deal of harm to employees.

According to a new report, between 2016 and 2019, the rate of serious injuries to Amazon employees in warehouses with robots was up to 50% higher than in non-robot models. These facilities have higher staff injury rates than all the warehouses of the world’s largest online store.

Last year, an Amazon order processing center called BFI3 saw an injury rate of 22 people per 100 employees. This rate is higher than the average of the industry standard and even higher than the average of this online store.

The cause of these injuries in automated warehouses seems to be the unrealistic expectations of the company from its active employees. In the past, people had to scan 100 packets per hour, but now Amazon expects that rate to reach 400 packets per hour. These people can not compete with robots without harming themselves.

A new report notes that Amazon has been less interested in the advice of federal regulators on this issue. In 2015, the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) set policies to protect the safety of employees at a robotic warehouse in New Jersey. One of these policies is to rotate people between different jobs to reduce their stress.

The report says injuries are more common during the holiday season than at other times. According to a new report, in 2019, the number of injuries in 150 Amazon order processing centers reached 14,000 people.

An Amazon spokesman said the report said the use of technology, automation and robots would increase job security and efficiency. The online store has denied allegations that it misled people in a statement.

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