Shoes Worn at Work Easy to Walk and Normal


The heel is not a criterion for judging whether it is professional. . .

If you have a shorter figure, you can wear it taller, but don’t be too tall. I personally think that 3~6cm is fine.
For professional women, a pair of shoes on their feet is absolutely not to be taken lightly. Although the shoe area is small, it has a great influence on the overall image. Appropriate shoes can make your elegant demeanor impeccable.

For professional women, neutral color shoes are the first choice. Never let shoes become the most vivid color of the whole body. Neutral colors (such as black, gray, beige, brown, and ocher), etc., can match most colors of clothing , Will always be the best partner for office women.
In summer, many women wear sandals to work. As everyone knows, in a serious workplace, shoes with exposed toes will undoubtedly reduce your public image. Therefore, image experts suggest that Baotou sandals with a heel height of about 1-2cm are the best choice for professional women. If you want to change the style, wear a pair of flat shoes, preferably with long trousers.

The shoes worn by the class generally have two characteristics. The first is that they are easy to walk, and the second is that they are formal.

Which shoes are most suitable for work?

1. Kitten and

As a small person, sometimes shoes with no height at all are easy to walk, but the effect of optimizing the proportion of the body is also small. At this time.

Kitten heel refers to shoes with a heel height between 2 and 5. In the past, shoes of this height were used to train girls to adapt to high heels. Therefore, even for novices or people who are not able to control high heels, this height The shoes are also easy and stress-free to wear.

Because the kitten is easy to control, so we can choose a style with a stiletto that looks more light. The pointed nude model can lengthen the leg line best when the legs are bare. If you wear it in autumn and winter, choose a kitten with the same color as your pants or pantyhose to have longer legs!

2. Thick-heeled mid-heel shoes

Basically, shoes with a height of about 8 centimeters are still very aura to wear in the workplace. A few centimeters higher can make our waists straighter and more natural posture.

However, it is already more difficult for a girl with this height to control, so you can choose a thicker style. Compared with stiletto heels, although the medium and thick heels are not so feminine, they are more stable and labor-saving to wear, and the front is less visible. It is very suitable for workplaces that have to take a few steps from time to time.

Black, nude, and gray are the most versatile shoe colors for women in the workplace. You can choose the appropriate shoe color according to the color of the clothing to make professional wear more professional.

Girls who like to go out of the ordinary way can also try the very popular profiled heels this year, the same as the bearing capacity, the heel becomes more interesting, and it can also make people feel happy when they go to work.

3. Low-heel loafers/Oxford shoes

These two shoes borrowed from men’s shoes are very chic in the workplace.

Moreover, the heels of these two shoes are basically under 5 cm. They are low-heeled shoes that can be controlled with closed eyes. Whether standing, sitting or walking around, these shoes can act like sports shoes. Convenient but formal.

Pairing them with 9-point trousers is particularly handsome, revealing a small ankle that looks very thin. If you are afraid of the cold, you can also match it with a pair of nice-looking long socks, which can also show off the slender ankle lines.

Even with a feminine dress, they can perfectly interpret the sweet but not greasy visual effect.

Of course, with the full-open stiletto heels, you can also prepare a pair of black all-match models in the office. Although you don’t wear them often, you can change them in immediately if you need them. In the fighting state, as long as we confirm that we don’t have to walk too much, we still need a pair of these shoes to make our appearance more upright during negotiations and formal meetings!

With these 3 pairs of well-worn and good-looking shoes, we can wear an effortless sense of formality when going to work. Don’t wear old shoes and the like to work. It is easy to question our professionalism.