“Something Like Nudists”: Bill Gates Condemned Anti-Masks

Bill Gates explained why people need to follow the mask rules in a pandemic, comparing anti-mask to nudists. As part of the first episode of his new podcast, the Microsoft co-founder also talked about how coronavirus differs from the flu and the common cold, and spoke with leading infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci. For more details on the content of the first episode of Bill Gates new podcast.

The first of six episodes of the podcast “Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Asking Big Questions,” in which the Microsoft co-founder and comedian discusses major global issues, was released this Monday on the philanthropist’s official blog.

The first issue was titled “What will the world be like after COVID-19?” During the discussion, Bill Gates shared with Rashida Jones his thoughts on people who ignore wearing a medical mask. The idea that someone might resist wearing a protective accessory seems very strange to the Gates.

“Is this something like nudists? We ask people to wear trousers, and not a single American says that this request is terrible, ”says Bill Gates.

Rashida Jones agreed with Gates and noted that if people want to quickly return to normal life in the near future, then everyone should either wear a medical mask or stay at home.

Gates also explained why at the beginning of the pandemic, no one expected that wearing a mask would be so important. According to the philanthropist, the fact is that earlier experts expressed their opinion based on data on other respiratory diseases, for example, influenza or ARVI. These diseases are spread by coughing much less than COVID-19, which can even be transmitted between people who are just talking to each other.

“Coronavirus has an incredible viral load that most other diseases do not,” explained Bill Gates.

For example, if a person with a cold is in a room without a mask for about an hour, most of the people who were around him will stay healthy. But if in the same room there is a person without a mask with COVID-19, then there will be much more infected next to him.

According to him, the fact that the coronavirus can be transmitted during an asymptomatic course of the disease is also unusual. While a person who is sick with the flu will feel bad and stay at home, a person who has a coronavirus without symptoms can walk around the city and unknowingly infect other people.

Also during the pandemic, experts noticed that homemade three-layer masks are as effective as medical or N95 masks.

“It is now very clear that the benefits of wearing masks are enormous,” Bill Gates said.

In addition, in the first episode of their podcast, Gates and Jones called the leading infectious disease expert in the United States, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Fauci also stressed the importance of wearing a mask and complying with other restrictions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The doctor noted that people are tired of observing security measures.

“I want to tell everyone: do not give up, this will soon come to an end, and science will help us with vaccines and medicines. If we all continue to comply with public health measures, we will quickly get the situation under control, ”concluded Dr. Fauci.

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