Google will Pay at Least $ 1 Billion to Press Publishers

Google has an “initial” investment of 1,000 billion dollars to close agreements with news publishers around the world, as announced by Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, the parent company of this giant technological.

“Our financial commitment – the largest to date – will pay publishers to create and edit high-quality content for a new kind of online informational experience,” Pichai explained on the company’s blog. The new creature of this search engine is the Google News Showcase platform, “a new product that will benefit both publishers and readers”; for some, it would make it easier for them to “develop deeper relationships with their audiences”; the others will be provided “closer in the stories that matter”

Google News Showcase would present packages of contextualized content, with the option of soon to be integrated with video and audio options that complement the written format. The platform will debut on Google News via Android, but will soon also be available on iOS, Apple’s operating system.

The company has already signed deals with nearly 200 leading publications from Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, the UK and Australia. Among the headers are Der Spiegel, Stern, Die Zeit, Folha de S.Paulo, Band and Infobae. The next destinations, according to Pichai, are India, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Last June, Google already announced that it was preparing “a licensing program to pay the media for high-quality content”, a formula that would serve to remunerate the digital press for their journalistic work. However, the Mountain View technology company has been inclined to close individual agreements instead of facing a broader pact in which the press as a sector could have more force in the face of any negotiation.

The company, which gathers the majority of global internet searches, supports its business on advertising, and these ads on more than a few occasions accompany informational content from third parties that are only rewarded with presence or visibility, given the omnipresent nature from the Californian company. In Australia or France, the company has received clear warnings in this regard. In fact, the new European copyright directive protects authors and encourages the control of the reproduction of their works in news aggregators such as Google News.


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