Women Often do not Come to Financial Advice Voluntarily

Many women simply have no financial planning. This will take vengeance in retirement at the latest. It is often said that women are not interested in finance and have an aversion to numbers. But that can be changed very quickly with the right education, knows financial expert Renate Fritz, who advises women and  men too on how to really enjoy the evening in peace.

Too often women wait for an occasion, such as a divorce, to finally take care of their finances – a mistake! Start your financial planning now, you don’t need superpowers.

Retirement provision rethought: Together with your business partner, you offer financial advice, of course for both genders, but the focus is on women. Why is there a need for investment advice specifically for women?

Renate Fritz: With frau & geld we have been on the side of women for over 30 years, because they need support. A lot still has to happen socially and politically for equality to prevail. But women still have a lot to do and work on themselves. They have to learn to represent their interests in partnerships and in front of an employer and also to demand something for themselves. And they definitely need to be more interested in finance. Because there is only real independence if women are financially independent. Our goal is to make women (more) financially independent and to raise awareness of this at all levels.

It is often said that women are not very interested in finance and have a fundamental aversion to numbers. But you have to see that this topic is still dominated by men and that a lot comes in the form of confused technical language, excessive tables and confusing graphics. This is a deterrent and women often do not dare to take the first step. A consultation is needed that removes this first hurdle, transports the basic knowledge and explains the basic context in an understandable way. That only makes you want to hear the topic.

My experience shows that as soon as women are interested and know what direction it can go in for them, what they can achieve, they also voluntarily deal with the topic of investments and pensions and stay tuned. I am always happy when customers ask questions over time that show how deeply they are immersed in the subject.

So many women who come to us simply have no financial planning. Incidentally, this is not due to the income. But if you don’t set yourself goals, you can’t achieve them. However, most of them have to gradually build up financial independence or a carefree retirement through targeted provision and continuously adapt them to their living situation and current budget. It doesn’t work without a long-term strategy. Many of our customers have understood that.

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