South Korea’s Stock Market Recovery

Today, Kospi finished trading at 1,922.77, up 33.76 points (1.79%) from the previous trading day.

As a result, KOSPI fell 1.34% on the previous trading day, and KOSPI rebounded in one day.

KOSPI crossed the 1,920 level on a closing price basis for only a month after the 10th of last month (1,962.93).

The index started at 1,897.06, up 8.05 points (0.43%) from the battlefield, and plotted upward.

On the day, foreign investors bought 186 billion won in the securities market and 528 billion won in institutions.

In particular, foreigners who continued to sell from the 20th to the 24th of this month turned to a net purchase in 6 trading days.

As foreign and institutional buying tax flows in, individuals are said to have made a net sale by selling 500 billion won worth of net worth.

Researcher Lee Kyung-min, Daishin Securities [003540] said, “It is said that the sentiment improved as the success of the US President Donald Trump signed additional economic stimulus measures, the Bank of Japan purchased unlimited government bonds, and the 1st quarter results exceeding the expectations of domestic financial holdings.” Analysis.

Next, the researcher observed that “the foreign buying trend is still weak, but it is expected to show an influx to the Korean stock market with a time lag in the phase of global liquidity expansion.”

Among the top market caps, Samsung Electronics [005930] (1.01%), SK Hynix [000660] (1.47%), Naver [035420] (2.60%), Celltrion [068270] (0.47%), Hyundai Motor [005380] (1.66%) ), Samsung SDI [006400] (0.72%), Samsung C & T [028260] (1.01%) rose.

Samsung Biologics [207940] (-0.51%) and LG H & H [051900] (-2.72%) fell and LG Chem [051910] closed.

By industry, most of the banks (5.94%), financial industry (5.15%), and electric gas industry (4.71%) were strong, and medical and precision (-0.24%) were weak.

The stocks climbed 743, and fell 126. The total was 35 events.

The total sales of the program were net purchases of KRW 11.7 billion, with the advantage of buying arbitrage trading and the selling advantage of non-arbitrary trading.

The trading volume of the securities market was 6.6959 million shares, and the transaction amount was 7.9789 trillion won.

The KOSDAQ index ended at 646.86, up 13.90 points (2.20%) from the battlefield.

The index opened at 638.90, up 5.94 points (0.94%) from the previous month, and maintained an upward trend.

In the KOSDAQ market, foreigners and institutions net bought 74.1 billion won and 11.7 billion won. The individual net sales of 563 billion won.

Among the top stocks of the market, Celltrion Healthcare [091990] (1.65%), HB [028300] (3.04%), Celltrion Pharmaceutical [068760] (0.28%), CJ ENM [035760] (6.32%), and Sigen [096530] (7.26) %), KM double oil [032500] (0.32%), and Genexin [095700] (12.18%).

Pearl Abyss [263750] (-0.20%), Studio Dragon [253450] (-0.77%), and Husel [145020] (-0.97%) fell.

The trading volume of the KOSDAQ market was 1.76 billion shares, and the transaction price was about 7,534.3 billion won.

The won / dollar exchange rate in the Seoul foreign exchange market closed at 1,226.2 won, down 9.3 won per dollar from the previous day.

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Today, Kospi finished trading at 1,922.77, up 33.76 points (1.79%) from the previous trading day.

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