SQL Server: Microsoft Says Stop to Windows Containers

After nearly five years, Microsoft will no longer be providing support for SQL Server deployments in Windows containers.

Looking for support for operating SQL Server in Windows containers? There will be no more until further notice. At least from Microsoft.

The American group had started providing support in early 2016. First by relying on external contributions. A few months later, he released images and installation scripts for SQL Server 2016 Express. Before doing the same, in 2017, with the Developer edition.

Updates followed on Docker Hub, until 2018. Then nothing. There was indeed an opening to SQL Server 2019, but on another channel. In this case, the early access program to the database server.

Both editions – Express and Developer – have logged over a million prints on Docker Hub. However, last week, the ax fell. Microsoft gave two reasons: “use models” and “ecosystem challenges”. While reassuring those who had already downloaded an image: they will be able to continue to use it. But without assistance, therefore.

It is true that Linux has become the standard for containers. But it does not yet fully exploit the functionality of SQL Server. For example, merge replication and stretch (cloud extension). Or analysis and reporting services. Marrying Linux and Windows containers on a single Windows host can also pose reliability issues.