CO2 Gas Warning System for Gin Distillery

The Aeijst distillery translates the perfect recipe for a gin into a bottle.
A gas warning system and gas sensors from MSR-Electronic detect dangerous ambient air during the production process in the Aeijst gin distillery.

Aeijst (pronounced Ej-st) is a Styrian gin. Named after the dialect word for branches. It is produced in southern Styria. Aeijst is made from 100% organic ingredients. New different botanicals, e.g. B. juniper berries, lavender, ginger and coriander are first tasted individually, then combined in a harmonious recipe. Handmade. Balanced taste. Puristic, but not simple.

The supercritical CO2 extraction process has proven itself to guarantee gentle and sustainable extraction of the various botanicals. Roughly translated, CO2 extraction means the “extraction” of certain substances from a raw material using carbon dioxide. CO2 is used here as a solvent. During this process, CO2 is pressurized to over 73 bar and heated to 30 ° C. The procedure is i.a. also used for perfumes, caffeine and cannabis.

In the work rooms that belong to the danger zone due to the process, people are protected from CO2 poisoning with gas alarm systems. The CO2 gas warning devices in the Aeijst gin distillery were recently renewed and brought up to date.