Stock Market,Gold, Dollar, Euro,GBP All on Monday

Gold opened at 1194.1, compared to last Friday, the price was slightly lower. Current offer 1195.4. The tight trade situation last week touched the nerves of the market. The Nasdaq fell for four consecutive trading days.

In the United States in August, non-agricultural data is far better than market expectations, consolidating the market’s expectation for the Fed to raise interest rates for the third time in September. The US dollar index has risen sharply, and gold has the lowest pressure.

This week, the Federal Reserve will release the Beige Book of Economic Conditions, the Bank of England and the European Central Bank will announce interest rate resolutions; inflation data for Germany, France and the United States will also be released, and investors need to focus on it.

On the gold, a K-line is taken with the upper and lower shadow lines, and the price of gold oscillates around the 20-day moving average. From the 4-hour chart, the price of gold is in the arrangement of the Bollinger Band, while the lower rail of the Bollinger Band has a supporting effect on the price of gold. In addition, from the perspective of form, gold is currently in the flag-type finishing of the rising flag, and the 1190 line is a strong support area. The day focuses on the strong support of the 1190 area. The gold price returns to the 1190 area to form a clear bullish pattern and participate in the long position. Defensive 1185, look at 1198, 1204

Gold strategy: 1190 area long, stop loss 1185, target 1198, 1204

Silver strategy: 14.00 area long, stop loss 13.8, target 14.3, 14.5

On Monday, September 10, the crude oil opened basically flat, with an opening price of $67.82 per ounce and a current offer of $68.02 per ounce. Crude oil fell sharply last week due to the impact of the hurricane. This week, the market will usher in three major oil market reports. At 0:00 am on Wednesday (September 12), EIA will announce the monthly short-term energy outlook report. OPEC will announce the monthly crude oil market report around 18 to 20 o’clock on the same day; on Thursday (September 13) at 16:00, IEA will also Announced monthly crude oil market report. Investors need to focus on the other, and in addition to the hurricane last week, the increase in crude oil inventories will also be the focus of the market.

The former K-line of the crude oil has a long shadow under the cross star, and the price just rises at the 67 position to get support. From the 1 hour chart, the MACD forms a clear deviation from the golden cross below the zero axis; The double bottom pattern indicates that the oil price has further upward space. The day’s dips are mainly for the long position of crude oil, focusing on the long position of the 67.5 area, defending 67.00, and seeing 68.00, 68.5;

Crude oil strategy: 67.5 area long, stop loss 67.00, target 68.00, 68.5


On September 10 (Monday), the US dollar opened at the closing price of last week and is currently quoted at 95.37. Last Friday, US non-farm payrolls data in August was significantly better than market expectations, consolidating expectations of the Fed’s September rate hike. This week the Federal Reserve will publish a Beige Book on Economic Conditions.

The US dollar K line receives a solid Yang line; the daily chart price is under pressure in the central line of the Bollinger line; from the 4-hour chart, the price is running below the 120-day moving average position; and from the form, the price is currently at a falling flag. The flag type is sorted out, so there is strong resistance in the upper 95.5 area. The intraday price will form a bearish pattern in the 95.5 area and participate in the short position. The defense is 95.7, and the next 95.2, 95.00

USD strategy: 95.5 area short, stop loss 95.7, target 95.2, 95.00


On Monday, September 10, the euro opened basically near the closing price of last Friday and is currently quoted at 1.1554. Last week, the euro zone lacked an important end of data announcement, and today the European Central Bank will announce interest rate resolutions, and European Central Bank President Draghi will release a press conference. Investors need to focus on it.

The Euro K line receives a solid Yinxian line, and the price fluctuates around the Bollinger Band. From the 4-hour chart, the price is temporarily supported by the 120-day moving average position. From the overall shape, the price is currently in the flag-type finishing of the rising flag. The day focuses on the strong support of the 1.1530 area, and the price is formed in the 1.1530 area. After the obvious bullish pattern, participate in the bulls, defensive 1.1480, look at 1.1600, 1.1660

Euro strategy: 1.1530 area long, stop loss 1.1480, target 1.1600, 1.1660


On Monday, September 10, the pound was slightly higher than last Friday’s closing price, currently quoted at 1.2922; the main factor affecting the pound in the near term is the UK’s Brexit negotiations. But this week the UK will usher in a series of important data announcements. Today the UK will release July GDP data, and the Bank of England will announce interest rate resolutions on Thursday. In addition, important economic data such as unemployment rate and trade account require investors. attention.

Sterling Day K line receives a long shadow line cross star, the price successfully holds the 5-day moving average, MACD is below the zero-axis gold fork; 4 hours chart 40 and 60-day moving average gold fork up, MACD above the zero axis gold fork Upward, indicating that the price has room for further upwards. During the day, the focus was on the support of the 1.2880 area. The price formed a significant bullish pattern in the 1.2880 area and participated in the long position. The defense was 1.2830, and the target was 1.2980, 1.3030.