Stocks has Hit A New High

Under the strength of technology stocks, the Nasdaq has hit a new high at the market and closed at a high of 10,622 points. It was the third consecutive day of closing and broke the top, accumulating 4% over the week and outperforming the Dow and 1%. In the United States, 63,000 new cases were diagnosed in a single day, hitting a new high, which did not hinder the rise of US stocks after opening lower in the early stages. Bank stocks rose sharply in the afternoon, and the Dow rose to 26,000.

The Dow once rose 395 points, and at 4 o’clock this morning (that is, the market closed), it rose 369 points to 26,075 points; the benchmark and Nasdaq rose 32 and 69 points to 3185 and 10617 points.

The index indicated that 11 sectors rose 9 and 2 fell. Financial stocks rose by nearly 3.5%. The energy sector rose 3.2%. Communication services, utilities and consumer staples stocks also rose more than 1.9%. Healthcare stocks fell 0.2% against the market. , Information technology stocks also closed slightly lower.

Banking stocks led the gains, with Goldman Sachs (US: GS) and JPMorgan Chase (US: JPM) two Dow stocks rising 4.4% and 5.5%.

Pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences (US: GILD) released new data showing that Remdesivir effectively reduced the mortality rate of new coronary pneumonia by 62%, and the stock price rose 2.9%.

The recent hot-selling electric vehicle brand Tesla (US: TSLA) reached a new high on Friday, that is, the market rose to 11% to a high of $1,548.9, and the tail market rose 10.8%.

E-commerce Amazon (US: AMZN) was raised by Citi to raise its target price to US$3,550, which was more than 11% higher than Thursday’s closing price of US$3,182.63. The stock price had risen 1%.

US President Trump said that relations with China have been severely damaged, and he did not consider the next stage of trade negotiations. He blamed China for not early preventing the spread of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.

The epidemic anxiety once exacerbated market risk aversion. The US dollar index once reached a high of 96.97, and the tail market fell 0.1% to 96.64; the yen rose 0.2% to 106.94 against 1 US dollar.

U.S. Treasury prices fell, and interest rates on 10-year bonds rose back to 0.63%. They fell more than 4 pips to a low of 0.5678%.

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